Ok, so I'm almost out of school now, right?

Most of you are almost out, too.

Yep! Pretty soon I'll be out there, making a living doing God knows what for some overweight boss who thinks he knows what's best for me.

You know something? Life is going by way too fast for me. I mean, one minute you're playing four-square at recess, the next you're applying at colleges.

I miss being young. I miss getting up and hugging my mom's knees. That's how tall I used to be.

I miss watching Sesame Street. Oscar the Grouch, Mr. Hooper, Maria getting pregnant with Luis. That little cartoon with that ball rolling around and bouncing off blinking things while counting to twelve.

I miss that Dairy Queen ad where there's a chocolate land, and strawberry and butterscotch rivers flow through chocolate canyons.

I miss seeing the school librarian come around each week and tell the class which books are fun to read. Sometimes she'd even read us a few books in the library.

I miss every Christmas when the class would put on a show in the gymnasium. Then, we'd have orange Crush and strawberry Jello to celebrate.

That was fun. The best fun!

When adults say that youth is wasted on the young, I understand. But I ask the adults:

You were a kid once; do you think that your childhood was a waste?

Some say no; some say yes.

That's why adults are so damn uptight all the time. They want to act like a kid, but they can't. Society calls them social failures if they act the way they used to when they were a kid. You never see an adult playing with Tonka trucks in the sandbox during their lunch break. You never see a man get angry at a client then call for his mommy.

We all want a hug from our mommies when we have a bad day. We want her to comfort us and give us a cookie if we feel like crying.

If Hitler had hugged his mom whenever he had a bad day, do you think we would have had to have a war with him?

People go to their mom for security. 'Cause they remember the warmth and safety of her womb.

You know, that is why guys wanna have sex all the time. They spend nine months in there, all warm and cozy. Then they get out and what do they do? They spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in.

Except they don't fit anymore.

--Grade 11