I didn't say this to you last night.
I don't even know if I could.
But now reflecting, after you'd left,
I thought if I could write it, I should.

There are so many things I always want to say.
And when you're near me I do try;
But my eyes tear up and my throat gives up.
And we always run out of time.

So we hug our hugs and we wave goodbye,
As I watch you head for home.
Save for your photo, once again,
You've left me all alone.

So I close my eyes and I think of you;
Running my fingers through your hair.
It feels so real that I reach for you,
Only to grope thin air.

So I hope you understand a bit better,
My reasons for thinking why,
When we leave each other every day,
It feels like practice for our final goodbye.

--July 1995