The Brightest on Earth

You and I are drops of mercury in this world.
In you I see my good nature reflected,
And I always strive to improve myself, for you,
The brightest I've ever known.

I remember being in your house and finding myself
Amazed by your good life, frightened by your parents, in wonderment
At your native innocence, your unaffected goodness.
I never saw you sink to pettiness, like I have, in all the years that I've known you.

All the days we spent, just dreaming of our future,
And whom we'd marry, and with J.C.
Doing nothing but enjoying our seemingly limitless time
At the expense of future recollections like this.

I've gotten this terrible feeling a couple of times before and I remember exactly when:
When you were gone during Grade 7, and in France
Between Grades 10 and 11.
And during all of 1997.

I hadn't cried in almost a whole year. I'd forgotten what it was like for a bit.
But it all comes back so easily. I know exactly why.
We are a great brilliant drop when joined together, you and I, the brightest on Earth.
When you leave me, I fear I will evaporate away.

--April 1998