When Am I An Adult?

When am I an Adult?
When am I one of you?
On what day will my innocence end,
And be replaced with contempt for youth?

"Twelve," say the movie theatres.
"At twelve you pay full cost."
"Nineteen," say the laws and pubs;
Seven years in which freedom's lost.

So when it comes to paying cash
To all you dirty scum.
"As early as possible," is your motto,
"Start screwin' them when they're young!"

But the Government waits awhile
Before giving us any rights.
"The more they live without freedom,
The less they put up a fight."

Our parents think we'll never be
Old enough to understand,
What 'real love' is or what 'good sex' is;
'Til we've wrinkles on our hands.

So when am I considered mature enough
To have 'adult' blood running through my head?
When do I stop fighting with my fists,
And use your politics instead?

You can keep all your privileges;
And all your backwards ways.
If I had a choice I'd grow younger,
Thence at age six I'd stay.

So I may just be a bed-wetting child.
A little, six year-old kid.
But seeing adults' actions, at least
I won't go to Hell for what I did.

--Grade 12