Sega never was my favourite console maker. I hated the Genesis for stealing Nintendo's thunder -- not to mention the glut of loathsome sports titles released for it. The Master System was impressive, but the quality of games released for it was laughable. It could barely put up a fight against the NES. And the Game Gear... It was also impressive compared to the Game Boy, but I couldn't stand looking at its screen for more than 10 minutes.

So perhaps this is why I feel little guilt when I begin pulling apart my Sega systems and start hacking away at them, modifying them to my liking. Here are some of the successful hacks I have completed, which have increased my enjoyment of these systems tenfold.

RGB Video Output for the Game Gear (NEW!)

The GG does have colour video output -- but it takes a bit of work to draw it out.


SMS-Pro devcart on the Game Gear

SMS devcart + Gear Master Converter + hack = Game Gear devcart


Adaptor for SMS games on a Japanese system

Now I can enjoy games with FM sound, 3-D glasses, and a paddle controller!

Hacking Game Gear games to run on the Master System

It is possible to run GG games on the SMS. It takes a bit of work to convert them, however.

If you have any questions or things you want to see more of on this page, please let me know!

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