Of course, what gamer's website doesn't have a page on travelling to, or living in, Japan? Why should I just imitate all the other guys? Well, the main difference is that most of the accounts of life center around Tokyo, as though that's where all the foreigners are living. However, for 6 years of my life, I didn't live in Tokyo. I was put in the northeast of Japan, in a little city called Kitakami.

From December 2007, NOW I live in Tokyo! :-D
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Kitakami?!!? It's in Iwate Prefecture, up where Mario is hanging out in the background. While it's no Tokyo, it still is a comfortable place to live.

*NEW* More and more and more pics of my walk around Kitakami. In 3-D!
*NEW* Here are even more pics of my travels around Iwate!
Here are some more pics of my jaunts around the Kitakami area!

Here are various pictures that I took that show an interesting side of traditional Japanese culture. Enjoy!
Game Hunting... Looking for games in Akihabara is more productive, but I've found that doing the same in small towns is more fun.
Akihabara! It's the videogamer's Mecca. Filled with nerdy Japanese types, noise, and lucky or rich foreigners. It is a *great* place in which to get lost.
"あ そぶ!ゲーム展", or Play! Game Expo, is an exhibition (Sept. 2016 - Mar. 2017) held at the Skip City visual arts museum in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.  It features about 20 playable arcade games from the mid-late '80s (eg. OutRun), game consoles, as well as reams of original design documents from classic arcade games & hardware.  I went there with my son, took plenty of pictures, and had a great time!
Level X was a retrospective show that was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography from Dec. 4, 2003 to Feb. 8, 2004. Here is my account of going to the show on the very last day.

On May 2nd of 2004, I held my second (bi-)annual game party in my apartment.

It's nothing official, just a bunch of friends and students having fun, reminiscing over classic games, and getting drunk!

It was so fun this time, I think I'll host another one in the summer.

Aichi Expo 2005

Here is my travelogue of my trip to the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan.

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