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The Homepage of Chris Covell

Welcome to my website. I've had a personal homepage for over 20 years now! This is where I have put up some of my creations, as well as writing, and articles about things that have interested me over the years. Mainly my site is about videogames, but there are also plenty of pages that are not videogame-related at all. So, look around, and have fun!

Here are the main sections that I update regularly:
And here are some other great pages on my website:
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I've released a GameBoy emulator for the PC-Engine CD / SuperGrafx named Hu-Boy!


I've written an extensive document about the hidden PCE-CD Active Life Network data!


I've made a NOVA Suit hack to Turbografx Keith Courage / Wataru!


I've released a new version of my FDS Disk Lister.


Just a small update: tech info for the C64 Indus GT disk drive.


I've released some drawings of Super Famicom prototypes, and an incomplete R-Type SGX Hack!


I've written up a page about the tech and coding for DOTTORI-Kun!


I've programmed an interesting piece of software: a serial Debugger/Monitor for the PCE!