Development Page


Hook up the Dr. PC Jr. properly and turn it on, and you're presented with a simple OS screen while a voice in Chinese asks you to insert a disk (presumably.) Sorry for the poor quality of the screenshots, but the only video digitizer that I have is an old crappy one for my Amiga. It's better than nothing!

If you have the OS disks, you can insert them and run the programs within. What you can do without the OS disks is play games or demos in the Dr. PC Jr.'s special format. All games or demos on the floppy disk have to be named "FCxxxxxx" in order for the Dr. PC Jr. to recognize them, so be sure to name them that way. Remember that piracy of Nintendo games is bad, so only use freeware games or demos! :-D

Select your file, press the A button, and within a couple of seconds, poof! The game or demo should begin running on your video screen. It should behave just like a real Nintendo system, or at least like a clone.

Another interesting thing that you can do is hold down Select and Start while you turn on the power. The PCJr will go through a series of system tests to check if everything is working okay. If you have a printer hooked up to the Dr. PC Jr., it will even print out a couple of lines of text!

Here are some pics of the software included in one of the Dr. PC Jr. DOS disks.
Beeps and Boots just like a crappy DOS PC!
Hmm... nope, no DOS copy here...
No comment!
Bill Gates should sue...
...if he hadn't already won that "look and feel" case against Apple.
Woo hoo! BASIC on the NES!
A word processor.. or a menu at a Chinese restaurant?
Karaoke, anyone? Jingle Bells...
This is the coolest thing... learn grammar while a computerized voice condescends to you. (The answer is "D", by the way. See, they still teach the proper subjunctive in China, while everybody in North America remains clueless...)