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The Doctor PC Junior was a game system in China and Hong Kong that was produced in the 1990s by the now-defunct Bung Enterprises. It is essentially a Famicom clone with a built-in disk drive; however, it was designed as a learning tool for children and an introduction into the world of BASIC and LOGO programming.

Not only can Famicom games be played in the unit, but several peripherals can also be connected to it, including a mouse, keyboard, tape drive, and CD-ROM drive. The PCJr was obviously an attempt at a mini-computer that would sell for a fraction of a real DOS PC. Included with a new Dr. PC Jr. are three OS and program disks that offer DOS functions, a word processor, BASIC and LOGO, and a typing tutor. Games in a special format can be loaded off disks and played on the user's TV or video monitor.

Above is a picture of the inside of the Dr. PC Jr. It was taken with cheap disposable camera, so unfortunately the image is very blurry. Here's a description of the main components on the board, starting from the top, going left-to-right, until the bottom: 9vDC Power Jack, Video Out, Audio Out, Cassette Recorder Jack, Parallel Port, RF Modulator, PC Keyboard Jack; Voltage Regulator, FDD Controller; 8K SRAM Chip, 32K Dr. PC Jr. BIOS EPROM, 512K DRAM Chip, Dr. PC Jr. ASIC, 512K DRAM Chip, 16 (?) Mhz Crystal; TI Dr. PC Jr. Voice Chip, Famicom 60-pin Connector; Glue Logic Chip, "NES-on-a-Chip", ~21Mhz Crystal; Power Switch, Controller 1 Port, Power LED, Controller 2 Port, Reset Switch. The floppy drive is below the unit.

The system itself comes in a styrofoam case packed in a box. Included are two controllers, a mouse adaptor, connection cables, the three OS disks (if you're lucky), and three booklets written in Chinese. One is a quick-setup guide, showing how to connect the Dr. PC Jr. and how to start it up. The second is a larger book detailing the DOS system, and BASIC and LOGO programming. The third is a booket containing (ahem) pictures of hundreds of Famicom and NES games, for who knows what reason. Maybe you could obtain them somehow (illegally) from Bung. :-)