Bionic Commando '99

What is it?

It is an attempt to update Bionic Commando for the NES, and to make it closer to the original Japanese authors' intentions for the game. Bionic Commando originally came out in Japan for the Famicom system under the name "Top Secret: Hitler's Revival". Yes, Bionic Commando originally had you fighting neo-Nazis and destroying Hitler once and for all. Of course, Nintendo obviously thought that this plotline would offend people when the game came out in North America, so they made Capcom take out all Nazi elements from the game (except, curiously, for Hitler's likeness). I felt a little cheated in playing an adulterated version of this game. I feel that the game is much more engaging when you know that you're battling to save the world from Hitler's Nazis; you might agree with me here as well.

So, what I did was hack the graphics and text in the American version of Bionic Commando, to put back in those plot elements and Nazi references. I also corrected bad grammar wherever possible. I saved those changes into an IPS patch file, so that others can modify their versions of BC as well. You can download the .zip file containing the IPS file as well as a more detailed account of my reasons for patching the game in the first place. Below, you can also take a look at some screenshots showing the differences between the unpatched and patched versions of Bionic Commando.

Download Bionic Commando '99 IPS patch.