Downland Remake for the PC-Engine/Turbografx-16

I'm working on a remake of a classic game that originally appeared on the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 2 in 1983. This is just for fun -- for now -- so I'm putting up a sort of "development diary" for the game so people can try out the game and give me their comments. Also, I figured it would be fun for people to see the game as it progresses, if it ever goes anywhere.

Download it here. Source code is included (but works on PCEAS version 2.0)
Please read the included Readme for information & controls.

For now, the program doesn't quite resemble a game. You can move the character around and have him stand on platforms, but he'll pass through everything else. No deaths yet.
At any rate, the map editor is working well enough. You can design various kinds of layouts and obstacles, then test them out with the jumping man.

About Downland:

No comments for now. Try out the original game in a good emulator, like MESS.
Check out a video here:

Previous versions of the program

Version 3

I added a bit smoother graphics, to mimic the blurring effect of the real CoCo2, and the emulator. More significantly, though, I added Run-Length Encoding/Decoding for the tile map. Pressing Select encodes the current map to $3000 in RAM.

Version 2

For this version, I added some preset objects to make placement less cumbersome. I also filled in the tiles with blue to make the ground stand out.

Version 1

The first version that I archived. Tile laying works fine, as do a few cursor/menu type functions. I gave the graphic tiles a dark red background so I could see easily where a background tile was laid.

The jumpy sprite at the bottom of the screen is a test of the random number generator that I put into the program. The RNG will come into play for the eventual acid-dripping routine.