This one's interesting. Everything about it screams "Gameboy wannabe". I remember seeing this handheld reviewed in a videogame magazine back in 1993, which didn't give it the best review. It is technically somewhat similar to the GB, except the sound is worse, and this model bends down the middle. Its biggest feature is the large screen: 2.35x2.35 in. (6x6 cm.), with a resolution of 160x160 compared to the GB's 160x144. However, it still blurs just as poorly (or perhaps even worse) as the GB, and overall it's manufactured with much less quality than the GB. This isn't surprising, as it is essentially a Chinese GB knockoff, even down to the placement of power switch, headphone and power jacks, and contrast and volume knobs.

Still, it is an interesting little unit to have. It apparently uses a 65C02 CPU, so I would like to try programming for this little thing. Well, we still need some technical info on its registers... There is an emulator for the SV system as part of the MESS package. Check it out!!

It turns out that the Super Vision's hardware is ludicrously primitive. It has minimal sound, NO character hardware, NO sprite hardware, NO scrolling provisions. All that the SV has for its display is a 6400-byte region of RAM. All scrolling and sprite objects have to be drawn on-screen manually. Yuck!!! What were the designers thinking? Any 4-year-kid given the task to design a game system would implement at least sprites and hardware scrolling. (In the voice of Kuni from UHF,) STOOPAAHD!! YOU'RE SO STOOOPAAHD!!!

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