Totsugeki! Ponkotsu Tank

This is a Japanese Gameboy cartridge which I got at a flea market. I was interested in the American version, called Trax, at the time, so when I spotted this for sale, I snatched it up. It's a cute and fun little overhead shooter in the same vein as Iron Tank for the Nintendo, or Jackal even. You play a rusty old tank (The Japanese title translates to "Charge! Junky Tank") which was taken over by opposition forces and used to fight a shady oppressor. You can rotate your turret 360° and fire using different kinds of weapons.

You traverse varying terrain, and can destroy houses, bushes, etc. It's pretty damn fun. The game is not too challenging, as most of the enemies are easy. Some of the challenge lies in the controls, because of the speed of rotation of your turret. It's difficult using the A button to aim your shot exactly where you want it quickly enough. Unfortunately, rotating controllers never crossed over from the arcades into the home. :-(

The enemy bosses of each level are pretty cool looking, and usually nice and big. There are about 5 levels, and after a few plays, you'll probably finish the game pretty easily. That's not really a bad thing, as this is still an enjoyable, fun little romp. The GB (and NES) excelled at games like this. I recommend it!