Chris' Wayback Machine

Here is a retrospective look at the different designs my page has had (click on the image for a full size):

Here is the old portal for my homepage. I wanted an LCD design, so this bright blue Game Gear was perfect.
This was when I first got a NEO-GEO CD system, and loved playing the games from my youth spent in video arcades. This is a spoof of Blue's Journey / Raguy, a brilliant and beautiful platformer.
Next up, a woodland theme from the majestic Actraiser. I pixeled the "Christopher" text by hand. I made a font outline in Photoshop, shrank it down, then "carved" at it in DeluxePaint IV on the Amiga. I'm proud of this work.

Over the years, I have made many pages on my website, but due to age or limited server space, I have had to remove them. And so they have gotten lost over time. Fortunately, the web archive at had archived a few of my webpages, so I was able to retrieve them from there. Unfortunately, only a few pages have pictures, but it's the text that's interesting.

So below, I present to you a collection of some of my older, perhaps embarrassing, perhaps entertaining webpages:

The Classic Magazine Special
Forgotten Game Boy Gems
The Decline of the Game Boy NEW!

The Best Musicians on the Turbo/PCE NEW!

(excerpted from my Courage diskmag for the PC-Engine.)

(A very old page of...) Video Game Music CD reviews

(My newer review page is HERE)

Chris' Personal Info (Very Old!)
Game Reviews / info.
Jerry Boy (SFC) Magical Taruruuto-Kun (SFC)
Magical Hats (MD) U-four-ia (NES)
Mickey Mouse III (FC) Ai Senshi Nicol Pirate Cart (NES)
Top Secret: Hitler no Fukkatsu (FC) "100-in-1" Pirate Cart (FC)
Game Boy Dev Cart (GB) Official GB Flash Carts (GB)
GB Multicart 1 (GB) GB Multicart 2 (GB)
GB Multicart 3 (GB) Ponkotsu Totsugeki Tank (GB)
Snow Bros. Jr. (GB) 2-in-1 (SuperVision)
Alien (SuperVision) Chimera (SuperVision)
Fatal Craft (SuperVision) Hero Kid (SuperVision)
Jaguar Bomber (SuperVision)  
Hardware Reviews / Rants
Commodore-64 Famicom Disk System
Game Boy Sega Genesis
NES Sega Master System
SNES Super Vision
Commodore SX-64 Turbografx-16
Virtual Boy