16-in-1 Gameboy Cartridge

Here is yet another interesting cart that I found at a flea market. It contains a mix of Colour Game Boy games, Super Game Boy games, and regular games as filler. Below is a list of the games in the cartridge:

  1. Beast Wars (GBC+SGB)
  2. A Bug's Life (GBC+SGB)
  3. Real Bout Special (SGB)
  4. Bust A Move 3
  5. Frogger (GBC)
  6. Oha-Sta: Yamachan & Raymond (GBC+SGB)
  7. Super Mario World 7 (Mario Hack of Adventure Island 2)
  8. Ganbaruga
  9. Super Breakout (GBC)
  10. Tom and Jerry
  11. Ninja Ryuukenden
  12. NBA All-Star Challenge
  13. Parasol Henbei
  14. Bubble Ghost
  15. Minesweeper
  16. Migrain

Since I'm too uninspired right now to take screenshots of all the games, let me just give you a couple of pics and some descriptions. All the games work on the regular GB as well as SGB and GBC. Beast Wars has some cool SGB enhancements, such as nice colour graphics and SNES-generated sound effects. It also has a cool Transformers border. A Bug's Life is well done on the SGB. It has an okay border, the colour's okay, but it has SNES-generated music. The game's mediocre, but that's a good dedication to the SNES there. Real Bout Special is very cool. It has SGB enhancements, and even has a special sound test for SGB sound effects!

Above are pictures from Oha-Sta (short for Ohayoo Station, a Japanese TV show.) This game's quality is questionable, I feel. It has a useless "Amida" mode on the title screen, and the game itself is a rehash of a GB game from 1990, called Cyraid. What, you thought nobody would notice, Epoch? Smells to me like a quickie TV show cash-in.

Frogger, Ganbaruga, and Super Breakout are all dismal crap. Super Mario World 7 is interesting. I'll put some pictures up soon. Tom and Jerry is okay. Ninja Ryuukenden (Ninja Gaiden in North America) is really a disguised Shadow of the Ninja. This is what Kage/SotNinja would have been if Tecmo hadn't bought the game from Natsume. The game has typical Natsume graphics and music. Great game, though!

NBA: I don't like most sports games. Parasol Henbei is a weird slow-moving platform game. You run around back alleys fighting dogs and birds, losing energy if you bump into trashcans. Weird... Bubble Ghost is great, of course, but I already have multiple copies of it on my other GB carts. Same goes for Minesweeper. Migrain is a game that I had never played before. It's pretty cool; it's a puzzle/strategy game where you must rotate mirrors and light filters in order to direct a beam of light through certain requisite objects and to a collector. You have a strict time limit, and if you misdirect the beam of light back into the emitter, you lose valuable time. A cool coda to an interesting, if uneventful, GB multicart. See you next time!

Below are pics of the cartridge and its PCB.