What looks like the average cool multicart turns out to be a clear example of Hong Kong Shit. Yoko once again proves their dedication to quality and the pursuit of excellence by putting out a cheap and defective cart on the HK market.

This cartridge boasted 100 games, including Teenage Mutant Turtles III, so when I saw this at a pawn shop, I picked it up. Indeed, the first game is the Japanese version of TMNT III: The Manhattan Project, and the second is Operation Wolf, but it's all downhill from there. There are only 7 other original games on the multicart, providing for some ridiculous duplications and name contortions. Worse than that, my cartridge is defective, only working a few times out of 100. An examination of the innards of the cart revealed the problem: There was a large scratch on the back of the PCB, exposing (and likely jeopardizing) some of the traces on the board. However, I did notice that this scratch went straight across the board through holes out of which ROM pins were sticking. So, obviously this meant that the board was scratched BEFORE the ROMs got soldered into the pinholes. Thus, it was defective off the presses, and Yoko still decided to sell it in this condition. Screw you, Yoko! And your command of English stinks, too!

An interesting thing about this multicart is that sometimes, the menu switches from its fraudulent "100-in-1" menu to a more honest menu displaying only the 9 original games on the cart. The title also changes accordingly. So, this leads me to believe that there's a pin (or set of pins) somewhere on the cart that lets the manufacturer choose how many games show up on the selection menu, allowing him to make several different carts using the same PCB. Really sleazy. Yoko Oh, No!

Well, anyway, this cart also came with a good ol' Honeybee adaptor, so it was worth the $2 that I paid for it. ;-)