Chris' 3-D Photo Experiments...
(View with Red/Blue(Cyan) anaglyph glasses.  Click on any picture for a larger size)

My first experiment -- Red+Blue only
My accommodating wife
3-D steak dinner
My first attempt at lots of perspective.   Cruelly deconstructed by a camera nerd friend.
Hard to get depth + detail in oblong shapes
Akiba doesn't work so well either -- too colourful.
I like this one a lot.  You can even get a feeling of depth under the water.
Temple statue
A very ripe watermelon
Bug on a hot summer night
Says "batteryless" but it still contains a battery.  Hrm...
A Wideboy.  Again, oblong things don't turn out well.
The B&W version of this pic looked best -- you can even make out the specs of dust on the board.
A nice-looking multi-band radio