Kitakami walkabout

I went for a hike with my friends on May 22nd to a nearby mountain, Kunimiyama. The name means "see the country" mountain, obviously because it has a great view of the land below.
I also went for a 3-hour walk around the northern part of Kitakami city on June 6th. It has some small streets, suburbs, and parks, etc. It was a very nice day, so I took lots of pictures.

(Click on any image for a close-up.)

Yeah, sure, these grew naturally...
It's an azalea, right???


After riding our bikes 2.5km from the city to the base of the mountain, we walked through the "gate" and up the mountain path.
The view towards the west.


The view towards Kitakami.
I think this is the view to the southeast.


A Buddhist statue is also on top of the mountain.

Back in town, in an entertainment merchandise shop called "American Paradise", Tweety bird poops on me.

A Suburban Walk

For a multi-hour walk, an athlete needs to maintain his body's amino acid balance. So naturally, a gum-filled cola lollipop and pineapple pop-rock cotton candy are perfect for the job!
Rice fields, rice fields, everywhere!


.A whole community of identical houses is under construction. Oh, did you ever read about how the construction sector is one of the most corrupt industries in Japan?


Here is the sign explaining a beautiful park along a creek that I went along.



That little rest house has great acoustics. The roof acts like a parabolic dish and focuses sounds to one point above the bench. So I blew into my bottle of Dr. Pepper to experience the cool sounds.


Not a paragon of safety, Japan.


Here is a small arcade that I passed on the way home. Nothing too special today, but they always have a few good shooters ready to be played.
And here I've caught the owners unloading some more.

Thanks for taking a look!