Famicom: 1986

Famicom Disk System flyers

These are just a few of the flyers that came with the FDS back in 1986, though some of them are dated '85... A couple of them may even be intended for shop owners. Nothing rare or spectacular here, just some nice nostalgic reading.

LIONEX by Sunsoft

Shown at the 1986 AM (Arcade) Show in Japan (Oct. 7,8), is Sunsoft's Lionex for the VS Unisystem. 'Unisystem' means 'Famicom' in another guise, so it's no surprise that this game wasn't released on either arcade or home format. Famitsu reviewed this and other arcade games in their November 14 issue.

The caption to the right says that the graphics are "Plain. So it's probably a Famicom game" The writer goes on to say that although he played the game, he didn't understand it so well, calling it "mysterious".

Speculation puts it as a sequel to Dead Zone (FDS), or something that eventually became Meta Fight / Blaster Master.

Arcade Flyer

*NEW* Here's a video of the game in action!