Hey, Dudes! How's it hangin'? Check this radical new game from NEC and ICOM.. uh, I mean "Camp California", who also brought us that totally tubular game, "Yo, Bro!"
And it's ONLY for the 16-bit super system, the Turbografx CD!

Its name... like, totally Camp California, dude!

You get to cruise around Califor-ni-a in a red woody that gets a gnarly 5 miles-per-gas-tank, man!

Hover over some pics for some more serious comments...
This game is fun, and a bit underappreciated.  It does have several glaring faults, though.  First off, the car uses up far too much gas to travel.  Meaning lots of boring level-revisiting to pick up enough recyclables.

Right, so like you play a cast of tubular beach bums with radical names like "Shredhead", "Screamer",... "Li'l Bro", and... "Byron."

17th-century Romanticism is like, totally radical, bro!

This cinema has a bug in it.  Totally lame... when Lil' Bro speaks, the brim of his cap appears (and disappears when he doesn't speak)

But dude, our gang's got some lame problems piled higher than ten surfboards -- No gas for the woody, our tires have been ganked, the band's instruments too, and everyone's been kidnapped!

Major bummer, dude. Lay down that quill, Byron Bear, and shred tail to save them!

This is a really cute touch straight out of cartoons.

The graphics are major awesome! You get all the sights of SoCal, the sandy beaches, the waves, tidal pools, huge sandcastles... oh, not to mention all that bogus litter like cans, banana peels and syringes!

The graphics use plenty of colours in many areas.  Camp California doesn't deserve any reputation for having bad graphics.

Pick up all the litter and recycle it, already! Saving the environment is radical, plus you get some, like, totally recycled fuel for the woody.

Rad! Byron's off to the mall to rescue his little bro. After checking the shops for some bodacious Bettys, of course.

A cute representation of model trains and Legos here...  The graphics are a little noisy, but I like the thought put into them.

Bogus! The toys have come alive to take down the By-man. Dish out some beefy punches to the rats to stop the toys.

Some people completely bail on this game because it's got a lot of cheap hits and bogus controls. True, my friend, but the cool authentic dialogue makes up for it!

Byron totally looks spaced out like Stevie Wonder here.
Next, the gnarly junkyard is the place to be, with totally rad rods moving all over the place on conveyor belts!
This level has nice graphics, large cars, and sprites bouncing around.

Check this, dude! The junkyard's totally alive!

Byron's gotta go inside to rip it up with some wayyy hot molten steel!

Cool hot rod engine, bro! I bet that'd look choice in the woody.

Let's not forget, dudes, how supreme the tunage in this game is! The Beach Boys may be, like, passé but the rest of the heavy harmonies freakin' shred!

No way! These rats are everywhere! SanFran's got its share of rodent fans, but sorry dudes, Shredhead's gotta take them out to save the beach!

This dude might be little, but he's got a gnarly spin attack and a tubular jump! See how he totally sends the rat for a ride in the sky.

Brrr! We're chillin' up in the mountains with more rats to cool off. Lil' Bro's too bogus on the skateboard to control in this area, so we'd better call a radical jumper in!
The mountains look a bit like a caramel sundae, but I appreciate the diversity of colour.
Way! Shredhead totally saves the day. He's a hot dog even in the coolest places. But watch out for those mondo dangerous buzzsaws, man!
This part has some really decent graphics, with conveyor belts, buzzsaws, woodgrain, and some nice gears in the background.
Take out three of the lamest lumberjacks ever to clear this stage.
I bet the artists are big Amiga fans.

Lil' Bro is mega-awesome on his bodacious board in this stage. Bummer, man, this place is full of tanks and a rat army!

Remember, little dudes: pollution, war, nuclear bombs, factories, and litter are all ultra-lame! Environmentalism is rad! Now go kick some righteous ass!

Cool ollies, bro! You shred so much, you get a game of your own!
Check out the rats' totally posh pad. The graphics in this game just get more and more intense from here.
I was hoping the fish would have 3 eyes, but no luck...
It's down to gnarly Davy Jones' locker for Poachman. First he swims around a watery maze, then heads into the mouth of a freakin' huge whale!
Some great graphics in here.  A really nice meaty look to the gums.
Yours truly can't help but love the majorly radical touches throughout this game, like the mondo cool allusions to the Titanic and Pinocchio.
You can tell plenty of care went into this game.

And the totally intense 16-bit bossfights!

This game may be tough for pee-wees but it was made to have that intense oldskool arcade feel! Major repetition is the only way you can beef up your excellence in this game, dudes!

Impressive!  But only 1 tentacle at a time... lame!
Screamer's the ultimate dude to play with in this game, cause he can cruise in the air and, like, totally fly! You can call on him to get over and inside the pyramid like yesterday!
I like how EVERYTHING's got a RAT theme to it.
Poor Indy's totally got himself shredded! Are you gonna be lame like him, or are you gonna be bodacious like Screamer?
Yo! It's time to take on the big kahuna himself, dudes! Pick your baddest bro and cruise off to Vegas!
This game has it all! Super gnarly mutant rats and tubular R-Type references!

The moon's like totally made of cheese! As if!

Well, it mega makes sense if the rats wanted to take over the world. Heavy!

Some fab graphics from here on in...
Like this Star Wars tribute... (also looks like the last stage in Legendary Axe II)
Get deeper and deeper into the boss man's intense spaceship and trip out to some stunning graphics and giant rats!
To this fab see-through hamster tunnel.
Too bad there isn't (?) a room with all the designers' signatures or anything...
This is it, dude! The mano-a-mano with the big boss dude! Hey, check the totally rad Yo, Bro! product plug in the back.
Nice Amiga-style shading of all the objects here.

No WAY! The big cheese is, like, a totally lame poseur! All that's left to do is escape and wait for a pickup!

Here's Kelly with our rad rod completely bodaciously beefed up! I guess she hadn't really caught Byron's drift when he told her to "go and fix the woody..."

Best unintentional sexual innuendo in game dialogue, ever!
Well, the big cheese is now cream cheese, and the gang's free to rock out in concert. The beach is saved!
Did _anybody_ ever wear shades like these?
Byron and Screamer show the young 'uns just how cool the late '80s were. AWESOME!
Woo!  He's a rebel!  Knee pads, a glove, but NO helmet!
And that's the end of a radical game from Camp California! May there be many more, dudes.
A gratuitous shot for all you Furry perverts out there!
Cool, the end credits fade in with palette changes Plus it's presented in the Turbo's 512-pixel-wide screenmode.

TOTALLY NON-BOGUS BONUS DUDES! Here's the FULL MAP from this way cool game!

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